Tables Community Garden

Cultivating real community, growing real relationships around tables of real food using real, local resources.


Our group meets fortnightly on Saturdays with members from our church and wider community. On the second Saturday of each month at 9.30am we tend to our gardens together, learn new skills and share our stories around the morning tea table.
We are part of the Outer Eastern Permaculture Swap and host the fourth Saturday each month in our front gardens from 10am. We share gardening tips, food and nutrition knowledge, and encourage sustainable living often with a speaker to help us on our way. We welcome the local community to come along to our monthly meetings and swap their home grown produce including fruits, vegies, herbs, fresh eggs, preserves, jams, seedlings, cuttings, seeds and much more. We add our own crops from the church gardens to the table and provide morning tea to share.

We’d love to connect with you even if you haven’t got anything to share from your garden. You can bring some morning tea, recipe ideas or garden tips instead! There is always a place at the table for you, just as Jesus welcomes all of us to his table.

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 Check out our photos from National Tree Day 2018


Support our growing garden!

Our gardens are supported by members’ generosity and donations from local community businesses as well as through fundraising efforts like selling products encouraging sustainability, participating in car boot sales and plant sales.

Would you like to support our growing garden and community too?



Food is free!

We launched our food is free table with the help of the Tecoma food is free organisers we admire. Our table is located to the left of the main entrance of the church.

How it works:

Anyone from the community can put non refrigerated food on the table and anyone from the table can take food that is there!

We have a team of angels to keep the table tidy – let us know if you’d like to join the team.

Sharing what we grow is exciting. It’s such a joy to share our harvest and connect with others, growing community as well as food. It’s funny how the more we give the more we receive.