National Tree Day Celebration

Thanks to everyone who came and celebrated National Tree Day with us. 15 olive and 6 fruit trees were donated and planted along the left side of the driveway. We enjoyed planting activities, hot food and lots of community fun!

Did you miss the message “The Tree of Life” ? Check out what Pastor Steve said in the podcast from July 29!

Did you know?

Since its inception in 1996, National Tree Day has contributed to planting 22.3 million trees by around 3.8 million persons.

It may also interest you to learn that a fully-grown tree can clean the air of polluting elements by a whopping 70 percent as compared to the new tree plantations.

A single tree bears the ability to absorb significant amounts of carbon that are emitted by automobiles.

Trees are counted amongst earth’s major natural reserves and have been the world’s longest surviving live organisms.